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Subject: Scent Throw

This buzz phrase comes up often in candle circles - that is, among the people who make candles.

What does it mean?

It's just a simple descriptor for the radius of a candle's scent: the number of feet you can be away from a candle and still be able to smell it.

Ninety-five percent of the candles on the market today have a throw of 5 feet at best. For many, you must practically have your head in the jar before you can distinguish an aroma (if then).

With Appalachian Candles, our throw is profound, and results from the liquefication of at least one-half-inch of wax - a "melt pool" from edge to edge that releases as many scent molecules as possible to mix with the ambient air of the room in which the candle is placed.

For all of our candles, that means that if you light up an Appalachian Candle in the kitchen, you'll most likely be able to smell it when you come in the front door.

That's how powerful they are!

Twelve percent oil infused into each and every candle makes sure that Appalachian Candles burn edge to edge and release the maximum amount of aroma into the air, reaching well beyond five feet to more than 50 feet and into other rooms.

We cannot emphasize often enough that our triple-scented candles are not for the faint-hearted. They are for people who truly love the smell of a good-smelling candle, with a pleasant aroma, wafting throughout their home. No one else need apply! However, if you've been searching for a candle that lives up to its promise of delivering maximum aroma for its value, then look no farther -- you've found the right website!

Try a sampler of our candles - invest a little for a great deal of return. You'll truly NEVER buy store-bought candles again!

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